What Are The Three Common Plank Mistakes and How To Fix Them?

A Plank is real test of your core strength according to Drench Fitness. The isometric exercise engages abdominal muscles, the hips, arms and lower back muscles. There are several workouts that begin with a bit of plank variation. Most of the individuals find themselves lowering their hips or arching the backs after just few seconds of holding up. You need to follow certain expert tips to do properly the plank exercise. Tips on making a plank much more challenging should also be followed. Do incline push up on the chair, if you are bit new to plank. In fact, this is a preferred modification than moving onto the knees. Here you engage more muscles to do straight arm plank. Beginners can make several mistakes while doing planks but there are ways to fix them.

Approaching Planks as a Beginner

When you are a beginner, trying your hands on plank, begin by holding for 10-15 seconds and then gradually increase the time to 50-60 seconds. Some people do planks on the forearms prior to pushing up to their hands. If you do plank on the forearm, make it a point to keep the hands and shoulders distance apart. The arm should form right angle on the floor. The shoulder should be on line with your hands.

Mistake number 1: Arching your back!

If the abdomen is not engaged, the arms tend to tire out while supporting majority of body weight. When this is happening, your first intention would be to arch your back. You should not do this as it puts an unnecessary pressure on the spine. When you hold the plank a lot of shrugging follows and so ensure that the shoulders are depressed and palms rest wide on the floors. When you broaden your shoulders, you will be taking off the weight from your upper body.

Should you lower your hips while doing planks?

No, this should not be done. One lowers the hips when the arch and abdominal muscles start to fatigue. The hips tend to sink. If you lower your hips, the core muscle will be less challenged. Hence, there will be strain in the lower back. You need to keep the hips raised by tucking the butt and squeezing the glutes. Simply, walk your feet apart to render more stability and a solid base. While engaging your abdominal muscles, take deep breaths.

Do not look straight or ahead!

Looking straight up and ahead is the major mistake made by the users. Do not crack your head too far back, trying to stare at the ceilings or looking ahead. This will again put undue stress on the neck, letting rest of your form falling apart. Always watch the floor and keep your eyes down. Your head and neck must be in alignment with the rest of the body. Try and draw the chin towards you.

Plank mistakes can be avoided by following the above tips. To get the maximum results from the workout, you need to do it correctly. You can get in touch with a fitness trainer to know exactly how to do it.

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